About Us

Who we are

Birunisoft PLT was incorporated in Malaysia on 3rd June 2019. Our roots run deep in our involvement in Advanced Computing Research and Development for more than 15 years at both local and international levels. Our vast experience and technical expertise in advanced and future computing for enterprises in all sectors is not limited to research and education. Our main focus is on trust framework and identity ecosystem and their applications.

Our Motto

Our company’s guiding principle – “Innovation After Innovation” – describes our continuous effort to spur one innovation after another to stay ahead of current innovation. We take pride in having our roots entrenched deep in research and education community where while we improve existing ones, we have first-hand lead in new ideas and technologies for developing new products and services.

Our Management Team

Tuan Hj. Lokman Ramli, Chairman

Tuan Hj. Lokman Ramli had served the Registrar of Companies (ROC) and Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) for more than 30 years, when he retired in 2019. As the Chairman of Birunisoft, Hj. Lokman is responsible for leading the Board on strategic matters, overseeing the business and setting high governance standards.

Dr. Suhaimi Napis, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Suhaimi Napis retired in January 2020 as an Associate Professor at the Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). He holds a PhD in Plant Immunology from the University of Durham, UK. MA (Immunobiology) and a BSc. (Biology) from Iowa State University, USA. While his professional career has been in immunology, his appointment as the Director of Infocomm Development Centre (iDEC) corroborates his experience and broad expertise in ICT technology and policy making, strategic formulation, and commitment. Prior to joining Birunisoft, Dr. Suhaimi was Deputy Director of Research Management Centre and involved key executive and Advisory Boards at the UPM and national level. Dr. Suhaimi as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Birunisoft, is responsible for corporate and management decisions on the overall operations and resources.

Our Technical Team

Ts. Muhammad Farhan Sjaugi, Vice President (Engineering and Services)

Ts. Muhammad Farhan Sjaugi is our VP for Engineering and Services. He obtained a Master of Science in Computer Network from Universiti Putra Malaysia. Ts. Sjaugi has been instrumental in the development of e-science/research infrastructure in Malaysia. He was the technical coordinator of the Malaysia National Grid Computing Infrastructure (Academic Grid Malaysia), the co-founder of Certification Authority for Research and Education (MYIFAM CA) and Malaysian Identity and Access Federation (SIFULAN Federation), and the principal engineer/administrator of the education roaming (eduroam) Malaysia. As a member of several regional technical task forces (e.g. APAN TF-IAM), Ts. Sjaugi is actively contributing to the development of Identity and Access Federation in the region by developing rapid deployment tools, conducting training, and building of several use cases.

Mr. Irfan Hakim Abu Samah, Software Engineer

Mr. Irfan Hakim Abu Samah is our Software Engineer who is responsible for the development, operation, and support of Birunisoft’s products and services. His interests delve deep into both software and hardware, and intends to widen and apply his knowledge into the betterment of human life in Malaysia. His passion for creating has led to a number of products and services, Birunisoft now sports. He has earned First Class Honors in both BSc (Hons) in Information Technology and BSc (Hons) in Software Engineering from SEGi University, Malaysia and University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK respectively. He is also a certified Graduate Technologist by the Malaysia Board of Technologists (MBOT).

Ms. Nur Atiqah Azhar, Application Engineer

Ms. Nur Atiqah Azhar is our Application Engineer who is responsible for ideation, research and development activities including testing, validating, and generating use cases of Birunisoft’s products and services. She has a strong passion and talent in creative design, specifically in digital artworks and website development. She holds a MSc from Perdana University, and a BSc (Hons) from Universiti Malaya, Malaysia both in Bioinformatics. Prior to joining Birunisoft, she was a Data Analyst at Perdana University – School of Data Sciences and Alterquo Sdn Bhd.

Our Affiliate IT Consultant

Dr. Abdul Rahim Ahmad

Dr. Abd Rahim bin Ahmad retired from UNITEN in April 2022. He has wide knowledge in Computer Systems, Networking and Artificial Intelligence. He currently assists on consulting in the areas above for Birunisoft. He has a PhD degree in Artificial Intelligence from University of Nantes, France and an MSc degree in IT Communication from Loughborough University, United Kingdom. Dr. Abdul Rahim’s expertise is in Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity.

Our Retainers

We are assisted by a list of retainer engineers and consultants for specific tasks in our development.

Our Technical Expertise

Birunisoft is well-versed in the following areas:

  • Open Source Software (OSS)-based Enterprise Application Implementation Design and Deployment.
  • Web-based Application Development/Deployment based on LAMP, Python, and WordPress.
  • Enterprise Kubernetes setup based on Rancher Kubernetes Engine and Application Porting to Linux Containers.
  • Federated Identity Management System with Single-Sign On Implementation Design and Deployment.
  • Setting up and Implementation of a Federated Wifi Authentication and Authorization system (eduroam).
  • Setting up and Implementation of Opensource Enterprise Virtual Private Network (eduVPN).

Products & Services

What We Do

Identity Management System (IDMS)

Our flagship product, BirunisoftAAI is an Identity Management System (IDMS) that provides End-to-End Solution of Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure (AAI) for organizations. Our IDMS solution enables Single Sign-On (SSO) for both internal (intranet) applications as well as external cloud applications such as emails, video conferencing, and storage providers. BirunisoftAAI solution is based on OSS technology and have been implemented at several public universities.

Trust Framework/Federated AAI

SIFULAN Malaysian Access Federation (SIFULAN) is Birunisoft’s premier flagship services and has been in operation since 2014. SIFULAN attained international recognition once accepted as the 57th member of GEANT’s eduGAIN Interfederation, a Pan-European Research and Education Network (https://www.edugain.org) on 16th July 2018. SIFULAN has subscribers from Malaysian higher learning institutions that include public and private universities. Currently, we are in the process of extending SIFULAN technology with applications beyond the academia to incorporate services for the public and private/commercial sectors.

Repository and Data Management

BirunisoftRDM is another flagship product which is a repository and data management platform for complete data lifecycle management to acquire, store, archive and reuse any data for developing organizational institutional memory. The platform is developed in collaboration with the Research Center for Open Science of National Informatics Institute (NII) of Japan. Among its unique features are the social network style collaboration function, recording by timestamp of all activities and interactions for easy integrity, traceability and audit, tiered access control and integration with various popular third-party public cloud storage providers. BirunisoftRDM has been installed at several local universities for application by researchers in their research projects.

High Performance Computing

We install, commission and maintain High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters for organizations involved in data intensive computing and simulation. Currently we focus on the HPC for bioinformatics, genomic and proteomic analysis, and drug discovery. We set-up general-purpose HPC clusters for industries such as automotive, oil exploration, and film and animation.